527,000+ Aliens Overstayed Visa in 2015

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  1. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) reported on shocking visa news:

    DHS just released a report detailing a finding that boggles the mind. In just one category of temporary visa – the B visa (for business workers and tourists) – 527,127 aliens overstayed their visas in 2015 alone; of those illegal overstays, 482,781 were still believed to be illegally present in the United States at the end of FY 2015. Again: this is just from the B-visa, and does not include the F-1 student visa or the multiple H and L foreign worker visas, or the J-1 exchange visa, or the millions of visa waiver recipients, etc.​

    Thousands of foreigners have overstayed their visas in the United States in 2015.

    — 219 from Afghanistan
    — 681 from Iraq
    — 564 from Iran
    — 56 from Libya
    — 1,435 from Pakistan
    — 440 from Syria
    — 219 from Yemen
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  2. We clearly have an immigration problem that spiraled out of control many years ago. Every single one of these illegals should be tracked down, fined, and then deported. If the IRS can track down people who owe a few hundred dollars in back taxes from several years ago, then clearly our law enforcement officials can track down people who have overstayed on their Visas. Maybe if the took their names, searched Facebook, and matched their profile picture to their Visa picture they could track them down. Better yet, make the list public and give Americans cash awards for turning them in - you know, like we do with other fugitives who break the law!
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  3. I know our politicians go on and on about fixing immigration. The problem is that they are trying to boil the ocean. Instead the should focus on one problem at a time. For example, find a way to fix this overstay visa problem and act on it. Deport the overstayers and stick to it. Then move on to the next problem.
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  4. Well put. They really need to compartmentalize immigration, issue by issue, and devise pragmatic solutions that will work. They could even start by strictly enforcing current immigration laws and forcing sanctuary cities to comply with federal law by eliminating the federal resources that those cities receive.

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