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  1. Immigrants are people looking for a better life. Immigration is never a problem due to the fact that the USA is highly developed and is looking to expand. So why get up tight about Immigrants from Mexico for example?

    The Southwest and Calif. belonged to Mexico and were stolen from the Mexican people.

    A good deal of the USA is part and parcel of the Mexican cultural heritage and this should be respected.
  2. Yes I agree with you here, would love to hear responses from American citizens who disagree ..
  3. We never stole anything from Mexico. That land procured as brokered deal with the Mexican government to end the Mexican American war. Google search The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. It's verifiable. Also we paid the Mexican government 15,000,000 dollars for it. I also have no problem with immigrants. However to have absolutely no border protection is Ridiculous. The difference between a legal and illegal immigrant is exactly that. If you are here illegally and refuse to gain your citizenship than you deserve to be deported. Simple as that. And please, please bring up manifest destiny and what happened with the existing native population here in the states. That will really spice this debate up.
  4. Well, the fact of the matter is immigrants are looking for a better life. I don't think anyone will dispute that as a root cause of immigration. I know there is a legal process, but that process may be too long for some to wait who are in truly dire circumstances and look to America for help. The reason we have an immigration problem is because the legal immigration process is too difficult.

    Immigration is also not all about Mexico. For example, there are millions of people from Central and South America who desperately want to call America home, so I think OP may have missed the larger issue. We should also consider the desire of people escaping war torn countries like Syria who want to come to the United States for a chance to live in peace and have a better life.
  5. I will concede that the immigration process is flawed and certainly needs reform. But that being said, we shouldn't abandon the process completely. Individuals seeking asylum are separate from individuals seeking a new home. But that doesn't mean abandoning our borders is a good idea. Now, the Syrian refugee crisis is a real problem and needs to be addressed forthwith. However, my fear and the fear of millions Americans is the ISIS threat and how they've states they will use the refugee crisis as a means to infiltrate the west. The MSM does have some accounts of "refugees" in France, Germany, etc who are actively trying to impose sharia law. And we can't forget about the New Year's Day Attacks in Germany. A process needs to be implemented to safeguard the American people and we don't have one right now
  6. I don't get it either, so I don't get why Trump has his panties in a bunch. I personally hate the man because I see nothing wrong with the immigrants that we have.
  7. @Danielle, the problem is that they're here illegally. That in turn makes them criminals. As I stated previously, I don't think that out current immigration system is perfect however,it's what we have to work with at the moment.
  8. You fail to understand two things: First they're here illegally. I have no issues with legal immigration whatsoever, but people who're here illegally have high rates of crime, tend to hold low-end jobs, and some of which don't even speak English. If you don't have some sort of education (at least high-school) you shouldn't be allowed to immigrate here unless you're on a student visa. The next issue is it's killing wages. People like Sanders talk about $15 an hour minimum wage, when the real issue is the immigrants coming over to take American's jobs, but for $5 an hour. If we got rid of illegal immigrants, we would have much higher wages, less crime, and overall a more opportunistic America.
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    I am assuming that you live in a place without any immigrants. A nice suburb perhaps? Move to any major city in the United States and you will see the problem. Illegals are everywhere. On the less nefarious side of things, they drive around without licenses, get into car accidents, and nothing happens to them. On the more nefarious side of things, these illegals deal drugs, commit robberies, rape women, and murder. They have no right to be here and Obama should be prosecuted for his amnesty action as it violated immigration law.

    The "sanctuary cities" are the absolute worst. They literally let illegal alien felons out onto American streets and good people get killed. It's sickening and Trump is 100 percent correct.

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  10. Such a beautiful life destroyed for no damn reason. The Megyn Kelly video at the end nailed it. We had swarms of federal agents investigate the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Obama personally weighed in on it, and federal government officials attended the funeral. Michael Brown was a criminal who attacked a police officer! This girl takes a walk with her dad after dinner and gets murdered by an illegal with multiple felony convictions and who had been deported FIVE times. Obama says nothing. Obama is a racist who abuses his authority on a daily basis.
  11. I think immigrants always cause concern in local communities, because they think they will disrupt their normal life-style. But that is just xenophobic thinking, in my opinion. And that is doubly true for Mexican immigrants to the southern states of the US.

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