Asylum housing doors to be repainted

Discussion in 'Western Europe' started by openmind, Jan 22, 2016.

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  2. They should have absolutely no say in what color "their" door gets painted. The doors in question do not belong to the asylum seekers, but to the tax paying public. I don't think the government should be heavily involved in the lives of tax paying citizens in any country, but I do think it's a good thing for the government, and the public, to know exactly where these "asylum seekers" are staying. Why are you guys in the UK so cool with letting the asylum seeker overrun your country? You are literally throwing good money after bad with these people who have no right to be in your country to begin with.
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  3. Yeah, not really seeing a big deal here. I wish they would do that here in the states. Although, you can generally tell where all the illegals are by the beat up cars and litter. Same applies to the "diverse" American neighborhoods. I think a better idea would be to paint the door of anyone receiving some sort of benefit from the government.
  4. Yeah, just paint a huge target sign on those houses so everyone knows who lives there. Bad move.

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