Baltimore Blacks Beat White Girls While They Were Eating

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  1. Here's the deal. A gang of blacks in this video attack white girls just trying to eat a meal in a fast food restaurant in Baltimore.

    Look at how it was reported in the media.

    A gang of "youths" attack these two teenage girls.

    Imagine the reaction nationwide for all of the Black-on-White hate crimes if the races were reversed?

    How would government and the media react if whites were doing all of these crimes?

    Whites in Detroit and Baltimore are being ethnically cleansed out of the cities. Whites are leaving because they love their lives and love their families.

    It is almost as if the elites in media and government and the Black community do not care about white families

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  2. I didn't see this story covered by the MSM either.

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  3. They didn't cover this one either....

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  4. Looks like the MSM is asleep on the job. They must've forgot to air this story too.

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  5. @Angry Barista

    Yeah, and whites are supposed to walk around shaming themselves and feeling guilty. I am convinced the MSM is out to destroy this country.

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  6. I want to cheer you guys up

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  7. Here is another good one - scared BLM

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    I just wonder what blacks are so angry about. I'm being serious here. There are more social programs dedicated to helping and recognizing blacks than there are for any other ethnic group. Black have their own colleges, special programs for job training, and a much lower academic threshold to cross to be accepted to college. All they have to do is try way less than the majority of people in this country.

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