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  1. look at all of the cool stuff we get! how could you not want this?


    according to the flyer bernie will give us:

    1) universal health care
    2) free college tuition
    3) $15 minimum wage
    4) end pointless wars and help veterans
    5) citizenship for illegal immigrants
    6) legal weed

    sounds perfect to me. bernie seems like a guy who wants to finally bring America into the 21st century and be like europe. this man deserves your vote and deep down you know it
  2. @Fatgnat - I'm not necessarily opposed to much of what Bernie is saying, but as a financial professional, I am concerned with how we pay for all of this. I want to see people who are struggling get ahead, I just can't make sense of the numbers Bernie is throwing out there for the life of me. As I mentioned, I am a financial professional and I deal with numbers every single day. With the way the markets are going and with the current debt levels, we don't have enough of a surplus to implement this. If Bernie would address that - realistically - he would have my vote.
  3. This is pretty well said, I think. Bernie has some ideas that wouldn't hurt, but he won't get the resources to implement them. Free college, a single-payer health care system, etc. are all great ideas; but they won't work in today's America. We don't have the money right now; and even if we did, something like paying off our debt would be a better use of our income, I think. There are plenty of college educated people out in the working force today; and we're not giving away any free college now.

    If I was going to vote for a Democrat, I'd vote for Sanders, though. He at least seems to believe what he's saying as opposed to someone like Hillary who just bows down to Obama.
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    My biggest problem with Bernie is his desire to make America a socialist country. We have the largest economy on the face of the earth, why would anyone want to squander that on socialism? I don't disagree on the helping people part, but we can't help ourselves further into the poor house by doing so either.

    I have 70k in student loan debt in a total shit economy. I don't cry about it, but I do think their should be some sort of regulation that prevents universities from inflating the price of tuition and saddling graduates with debt for decades. It would really piss me off if I got stuck with my debt and all these SJWs got a free ride.
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  5. the U.S. currently has over 18 trillion dollars in deficit. We literally can't afford it.
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  6. i get it guys - super selfish on my part. i'm broke and lazy so its just easy to read and hear this stuff and say yes. but, if we have such a big economy then why do we have such high debt? shouldn't we have zero debt at all times if our economy is as big as you guys say it is?
  7. Because we're spending a crap ton of money on Welfare and Food Stamps.
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  8. I do hope that Bernie wins. I think that he's the best candidate that we have right now. I personally think that we would all pretty much die if Trump was President. He would be the worst. I don't know how he even got this far.
  9. Could you elaborate? Why would Bernie best the best, and why would Trump be the worst?

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