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  1. I cant spell for crap on my phone or tablet but i find that i frequent forums more so becausebof these devices. I wonder if forums will make a resurgence on the web thanks to technology making them more accessible.

    What do you think ?
  2. I like forums as opposed to chat because one has time to think about his/her answer. Chat quickly deteriorates in to mindless jibberish.

    I do not like Facebook or Twitter.
  3. I think the forum format has taken a hit because a larger number of people like the vapidity and vacuousness of Faceplant and similar. And even the hardcore political junkies are suffering, in large numbers, fatigue and burnout.

    When these forums were a new thing, fourteen years ago or so...the Iraq War and the Leftist agitation against it, with their lies and logical fallacies...a lot of angry people threw themselves all-in. And it became obvious to those of us who're conservatives: Leftists and Democrat supporters argue from lies; from flaws in logic; from contorted thinking. A whole separate set of facts, UNTRUE facts, are passed out to them...and they choose their reality over REAL reality.

    Now we know; and now we know that the Left argues from lies; argues from personal smears and attacks; argues from a contempt for honest debate and truth. Marx had posited that the ends justified the means; and the modern Left believes that wholeheartedly.

    It's fatiguing. It leads to despair. How can people be SO ignorant, throw themselves SO eagerly into what they must know are LIES?...and when they do, do they not deserve the result of their folly and deceit?

    Yeah...I'm burned out. And I'm not alone.
  4. I agree. Also the problem I have with Facebook in particular is that it's so public. You're debating with your own name and own profile. I find this to be very unsafe. I prefer the anonymity of debate forums and that's why I think debate forums (out of all forum topics) will make a come back in the future.
  5. *looks at Tapatalk*

    I personally disagree. I cannot see forums getting any more popular because everyone who knows about a forum or what they are, will still continue to use them and people who have no idea what forums are will continue not knowing what they are. Reddit is a huge forum that everyone goes on, and because of it's popularity I don't think many people will lurk into the new age of forums. :p
  6. I agree with you. I think that people think more when they're talking with someone on a forum because of the time they can type back in. If you're in a chat then you're going to feel the need to keep on typing back to them quickly.
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  7. I use my phone on forums a lot. Sometimes I'm honestly too lazy to pull out my laptop. My grammar isn't as good on my phone as it is on my computer, but it isn't half bad either.
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  8. I'm a forum junkie and have been since I started using the internet with a 14.4k modem connecting to a BBS back in the early 90s. I love having access to forums on my phone because I can read a post, type out my response in Evernote, and then paste it in when I have the time. I do this at work a lot. I saw this post a few hours ago, typed some of my answer at work, stopped for my ride home on the train, and then finished writing when I got home. All on my phone by the way.

    Side note - I hate Tapatalk and won't post in forums that use it.
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  9. @WhiteDots I'll second that. I hate tapatalk. I'm on a few forums now but I have been slowly making PDF my forum of choice. We had a lot of activity a few years back, and I am glad to see things picking up again.
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  10. Not used tapatalk, interesting that many of you guys don't rate it.
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  11. I don't have a personal computer, just an iPad and iPhone. If a forum does not make it easy for me. I don't participate. I agree on tapatalk not my favorite option. I like just being able to use something and not rely on a separate app.

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