Germany Initiates Poster Campaign to Fight Sexual Assault and Public Defecation

Discussion in 'Western Europe' started by waltky, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Welcome to the new Germany!

    Germany started a new campaign recently to control sexual abuse, rape and public defecation by its one million new migrants.

    They’re printing up posters! As we all know, poster solve all societal problems.

    No grabbing the girls at the pool, please.


    No pooping in the shower, please.


    Cartoons come in handy in the new Germany. The new German state also uses cartoons to teach migrants not to rape.

    Instead of slowing the migrant invasion local authorities are printing little posters with ‘do’s and don’t’s’ for Muslim migrants. They’re using these at swimming pools, and at festivals and carnivals, where groups of women might gather and where Muslim men may feel frisky.

  2. This is just unbelievable. But I guess they have to try and do something, although these posters won`t really solve the problem.

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