Obama Defense Officials Want to Retroactively Demote Petraeus

Discussion in 'Military and Defense' started by Agravan, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. This administration knows no bounds.

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  2. Generals, admirals, colonels, and captains are some how always found responsible and found guilty. All the way to the bottom ranks the military is subjected to close inspection.

    When are the politically appointed civilian trash leaders going to be held responsible and punished? I would love for someone to point out ALL those civilian leaders of the Obama administration that have been held responsible for any of the many crimes and scandals of the last seven years. Is there even one? Nope.

    When is Hillary Clinton going to be charged, prosecuted and found guilty? Not likely under Obama.
  3. I really don't see the issue here. General Petraeus violated the trust of the American people and got off easy because he was a celebrity General. I think demoting him would send a clear signal to other Generals and Admirals that they need to fall in line and comply with the rules like everyone else. It's too bad they didn't demote him when he was still in the military.
  4. @Dark Sky, I agree with you. Gerneral Petraeus used his personal email and had an affair. A complete waste of taxpayer money. I'm just glad that there isn't a democratic candidate that used her personal e-mail on a government server and ferried classified material literally thousands and thousands of times only to go through an 11 hour congressional hearing, have a movie made about it and is possibly going to be indicted. Because if that did happen, the individual involved would have to suffer extreme penalties to let others know that sort of behavior won't be tolerated. Don't you agree?
  5. @LibertarianLiberty

    How did I know that argument was coming! Look, I may be a Democrat but that does not mean I am a Hillary Clinton supporter. Did I support Bill Clinton and do I believe that he was truly an outstanding President, you bet! Would I vote for Hillary - well if she were running against Cruz I would just to be sure he didn't get elected, but I wouldn't be happy to do it. Hillary and all politicians should be held accountable for their actions - that includes those celebrity military types of people. If the common person would be prosecuted for an offense, then so too should be the person who is in a leadership position. In fact, the level of scrutiny should be higher for those in such positions. Republican, Democrat, or otherwise.
  6. I definitely agree with you. Politicians should be held accountable for their actions, just like normal citizens. They are not beyond the law after all.
  7. As much as it pains me to say it, if what he did would normally warrant a demotion then he should receive it; however, it should only take place when Hillary is held accountable for her actions.
  8. Disagree. Petraeus was already punished for his actions. What all of you are advocating is the equivalent of double jeopardy. You can't have it both ways. This is all a tactic by the Obama administration to take the focus off of Hillary. Wake up people.

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