Palin Endorses Trump

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  1. I guess this is no surprise, but Sarah Palin has come out in support of Trump. I'm not sure how I feel about this at all.

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    I am so confused. How does anyone on earth find the incomprehensible jibberish that comes out of her mouth as a good representation of their cause?

    One thing is for sure - she is VERY EXCITED to be on television again.
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  3. DPRK exposed the truth about Palin

  4. Palin doesn't have the same level of attention that she had in 2008, but she is still very popular within many conservative circles. I think this was actually a bigger swipe at Cruz, since Palin had heavily endorsed him in the past. The larger story here is that the Governor of Iowa also endorsed Trump.

    Trump just won Iowa.
  5. This. Trump just won Iowa.

    Palin is the female face of the Republican party. She's really the female only big name politician that holds any weight in the Republican party.
  6. @Dark Sky Look at Palin's endorsement this way, it probably doesn't matter. The people for whom an endorsement by Palin is a positive are probably already in the Trump camp. For those who see it as a negative are probably already anti-Trump.

    It's great news for the writers of Saturday Night Live though.
  7. Based upon the polling data I would tend to agree. Watch the Cruz line slump on the chart.


    Well, if you looked at Trump's facial expression during her rant, it was clear to see that the man himself was less than excited about how Palin presented her endorsement. But, if it gets him some ultra right wing vote in Iowa - I guess it was worth it for him.
  8. Overall, I think her endorsement is a good thing for Trump and heartland conservatives. Her speech needed a lot of work. Not good.
  9. Yep. This won't hurt Trump; I don't know if it'll really help that much, though. Palin was a much bigger name in 2008 than she is now.
  10. Trump had been losing conservative support in Iowa to Cruz for months. Trump needed the endorsement - badly.

    @LadyLiberty - yeah it was really the combination of the Palin endorsement and the Branstad endorsement.
  11. This is crap. I mean I was shocked to hear that she has endorsed him. I didn't think that anyone would actually do that because he will actually drive this world to crap if he's President.
  12. If you set aside your pre-conceived notions about Palin, she gave a cogent explanation for why Trump is about to win the nomination.

    I'm a Rubio supporter and disagree with her argument, but I do recognize it's a substantive argument, and Rubio needs to address these concerns if he wants to win over Trump's supporters.

    Palin on Trump:

    "He’s been able to tear the veil off this idea of the system. The way that the system really works, and please hear me on this, I want you guys to understand more and more how the system, the establishment, works, and has gotten us into the troubles that we are in in America. The permanent political class has been doing the bidding of their campaign donor class, and that’s why you see that the borders are kept open. For them, for their cheap labor that they want to come in. That’s why they’ve been bloating budgets. It’s for crony capitalists to be able suck off of them. It’s why we see these lousy trade deals that gut our industry for special interests elsewhere. We need someone new, who has the power, and is in the position to bust up that establishment to make things great again. It’s part of the problem."

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