Shaun King - Space Research and Travel is Racist

Discussion in 'Religion, Race, Social, and Cultural Issues' started by Patriot, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. I'm confused. I thought the first living being sent into space was a monkey?
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  2. The worst part about this is that people like him get to come on TV and say this garbage. White privilege is being forced hard last and now it is a thing that people keep mentioning without being questioned. Hillary was asked about white privilege just recently and she (of course) acted like it was something that is real!
  3. Wait a minute...this is that new white black guy, right?

    What kind of idiot logic is this?????? So if a spacecraft were a black object, that would make it OK?
  4. I think it was a Soviet dog - but I see your point. Well played.
  5. Shaun King looks like he's they type of guy Chris Hansen speaks to on the regular.

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