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  1. Can a nation deprive its people of their greatest treasure : their own children?

    Does a nation have an obligation to see that only the healthy produce children?

    The state government surely has an obligation to teach its citizens that it is no crime to be sick,but that it is a disgrace to inflict ones own sickness onto others :the innocent children coming as a result of those having hereditary diseases and passing these afflictions and diseases onto their offspring. ..and thereby burdening innocent children with it.

    The noblest thing is for those carrying hereditary diseases is to renounce and refrain from having children of their own and to give their parental love and care to an unwanted child.

    Future generations will bless your act of kindness.
  2. So...wait a minute. Are you saying that anyone with the potential of passing along a hereditary disease should personally abstain from having children? Why? I am fairly certain that every human being in the entire human race has received some sort of hereditary health related issue - whether it be imperfect vision or something worse. That is no reason not to have a child.
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  3. There are many debilitating hereditary diseases that science can pre determine and so prevent these illnesses from being passed on to another generation.

    We need a very strict law which would prevent folks from passing hereditary diseases
    to their offspring. .. Non debilitating diseases can usually be cared for without much effort .
    What we need to be constantly aware of are all those capable of producing genetically diseased offspring such as Autism, mongoloids , and all forms of mental retardation.
    This was the law in the us at one time.
    And we do this for future generations which will bless us eternally for lifting this burden off of their shoulders.

    All those who suffer from hereditary diseases must be sterilized to prevent their own illnesses from spreading to future generations. AND THATS MY COMMENT!
  4. First of all, science can't predict every single hereditary disease known to man. Second of all, autism is not as debilitating as you are making it out to be. It is widely believed that Albert Einstein had Asperger's Syndrome and Bill Gates is also a likely candidate. Should their parents have been "sterilized" since their children were autistic? Also, WTF is a mongoloid in the context you are using it in?

    Although, if we follow your argument, then I think you should be the first candidate to be sterilized. Your inability to form complete sentences and paragraphs indicates to me that you are afflicted by substandard intelligence, which is likely hereditary.
  5. "WTF...."
    You have such a filthy mouth
  6. I'm not going to respond to any more of your filth.Sheissmouth.
  7. We need a law to be passed for the prevention of genetically diseased offspring ..
  8. How would you even be able to tell if offspring was genetically diseased by your standards in the first place? Seems like you are advocating murder to me.
  9. I'm advocating sterilization of all those who possess hereditary diseases,, and NOT murder.

    "the seed has been sown that will grow one day to the glorious rebirth of the National Socialist movement of a truly united nation"
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    You should really focus on getting your sources right. Everyone knows that Tay Tay said this and not "A.H." whoever that is.


    In all seriousness though, why would you want something as terrible as you describe? I am gay. My partner and I would happily adopt a special needs child. There is a good home for everyone, and children with special needs deserve the same love and care as children lucky enough to be born without any complications.
  11. @cordobes , yea im with the room here man. If the individuals you seem to be referring to don't want to have children, than that's their prerogative. But as history has shown us, eugenics never ends well. And I also staunchly disagree with and abhor it. You @cordobes seem to want some sort of authoritarian system put in place. Don't hide behind the veil of children.
  12. Great point. Not to get too dirty in the trenches here, but I find it quite odd that someone with the name @cordobes is quoting Hitler and advocating for genocide. I suspect you may be of Hispanic descent. If so, I urge you to brush up on your WWII history. Hitler was not very fond of those not considered a part of his definition of the Aryan race.
  13. I agree with you. I think that anyone should be able to have children no matter if they have some disease that the child might get. There are so many loving people in this world who can bring children into this world that they should be able to do so when they want to.
  14. The life of the nation must come first.
  15. are in the wrong era. Adolph Hitler??? Really? You do know he had syphilis of the brain right? If the way you think is really what you believe you should probably go to a country that condones it. The USA has been to war once because of the belief you're spouting and there aren't many out there that will talk about their belief like yours out loud. Dig a hole and bury yourself in it. We've enough problems in this world to be listening to your ignorance.
  16. Well, this is one world thinking if I ever heard it. It sounds like you want the The Marital Health Law of October 1935 to be passed in this country. That would ban healthy people from procreating with the unfit, unhealthy people. We can see how well that worked out for Germany back then. In this day and age of processed foods and prescription drug use, who do you think is going to be completely healthy? There will be no life left in this nation.

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