The Real Ted Cruz

Discussion in '2016 Presidential Race' started by LobsterGuy, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. The new King of the Flip Flop - Rafael Edward Cruz

  2. Thanks for posting this. Like I said earlier, I am not a Hillary supporter - but when Cruz accuses Hillary of "saying anything to get elected" it's because he clearly knows the playbook inside and out. Unless I were forced to the polls at gunpoint (because we do have a lot of guns out there) I would never vote for Ted Cruz.
  3. Exactly why I don't want him as president. The guy is a politician. He'll lie, cheat, and steal to get votes. Cruz is just another John McCain at heart.
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  4. @john123 I guess there are somethings that those of us on different sides of the fence can agree on! I am surprised by your John McCain comment. I though he was well liked by Republicans? Or, am I just assuming that you are a Republican based on your profile photo?
  5. I can't stand McCain. Most of the Republicans up in Washington love the guy, but I live down South where most people literally didn't vote for him. McCain is a moderate Republican; like Bush was before him, and how Romney was after him. The issue is the moderate Republicans won't win anymore. They're the guys who're all for expanding the military to an unreal level, kissing up to big business, and all in all just being half Democrats. Cruz is at heart the same way, he's just a really good liar to be able to fake being a true Conservative.
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  6. McCain is all over the map on what he does and does not support. I used to like Cruz and for a time believed that he was a disruptive conservative force against the establishment. Now, forget it. Cruz is neck deep in favors and debt to the establishment and has been completely screwing up out on the campaign trail for months. We all see the connection between Goldman Sachs and Cruz now - stop trying to doge it Ted!

    I'm not sure I can get behind Trump yet, although I do get pumped up when he starts talking about the economy and immigration.
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