Trump - I can Shoot People and not Lose Voters

Discussion in '2016 Presidential Race' started by Tobak, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. Trump truly has no filter. I am not implying this as a bad thing. From a political science perspective, this is truly fascinating to observe. Thoughts?

  2. I heard about that today, and that is just crazy. I mean the people who want him as a president are crazy, so I guess that he would still have some voters.
  3. To say that is arrogant and offensive, he doesn't come across well AT ALL. I know he has his supporters, but I highly doubt he will be elected.
  4. Sure! Hillary can break the law, has broken it, cause deaths with her incompetence,..

    Trump has has not shot anyone but people find something wrong with an off the cuff statement?

    Again, Hillary has support and she has done worse.

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