When Will the First Woman President be Elected?

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  1. This thread isn't about whether you like Clinton or want to vote for her. It's also not about whether you think electing a female President is a trivial goal or a significant one.

    My question is: were Clinton to lose either the primary or the general, how long would this set back the election of a female President?

    Clinton has experience in the White House, Senate, and State Department. There is no woman in public affairs who has comparable qualifications. There are some other female politicians with a national profile, but not many who I could imagine winning a general election. Who else could possibly run in the next 8-16 years? Would she need to be VP first?

    I just don't see any other politicians with a credible path to the Presidency. On the Democratic side, Elizabeth Warren is probably too partisan, Janet Napolitano is too boring. Kathleen Sebelius? Now we're in the JV league. On the Republican side, you have Carly Fiorina with no policy experience, Nikki Haley who is also JV league, and beyond that I can't name anyone else.
  2. As soon as the right female candidate comes along.

    This should not be seen as an equal rights thing, but a best person for the job. More strong women need to come forward in politics, but not the stereotypical power women type they think they must be.
  3. I think there is a strong chance that we will see it this November. Hillary has the best chance of winning, especially with a Democratic majority right now with voters. I know younger voters will choose Hillary.
  4. Who cares? Male, female, black, white, latino,..

    It is about a good and strong leader. People need to get off of the kool-aid!
  5. It will certainly be interesting to see how things pan out with her if she does win.

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